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I am sooooo excited. Thank you so much for all your help with our partner visa!!! You made me feel confident and took away my worries, also helped explain each stage of the process. You are very professional but easy going in day to day emails. The personal touch is a lot nicer than feeling you’re talking to a machine. You are a life saver as far as we are concerned! Thank you for putting up with my 100s of questions and always being so good to reply straight away. We appreciate all your help and would recommend you to everyone we know.

Theodor ManipPartner visa applicant

Thanks for all your help with our 457 application. I am extremely excited to have been given the opportunity. Your expertise has been invaluable in the process.

Anna Vandana457 Applicant

“A HUGE HUGE thanks to Simon and Voja for all his hard work and support in helping us get our PR! We are delighted that we get to stay in this beautiful country.” Vielen danke!

Jona HartSkilled Visa Applicant

“We would like to thank you and Seekvisa for all Your assistance in making our dreams come. It was the most amazing moment when Ian called us to inform that we had been granted our visa. Ian has been fantastic. He has remained positive, polite and professional from the outset. He has always advised and responded promptly and demonstrated a personable approach, with a great sense of humour. He is a credit to you and your company.”

Dr. Moses186 visa applicant

Appointing Seekvisa Migration to act as our migration agents has meant that we have had expert advice and guidance throughout the, often complicated and stressful, process of applying for visas and honesty believe that it’s the best money we have ever spent!

Lexi Nair457 visa applicant

When I started this adventure, I needed assurance that I was following the process in a correct way. Voya and Seekvisa gave me this assurance. They are very professional and I would recommend them to anyone who want to start this process. I have already encouraged my friends who wish to emmigrate to Australia to contact them. Thank you very much, I have enjoyed having you as my legal representatives and I look forward to meeting you soon in Australia.

Wang Fang

“Very pleased I chose to go with Seek Visa for my Permanent Residency. Simon was wonderful, helping me and my employer with my RSMS. I would recommend using Seekvisa Migration, their knowledge and understanding of the system is wonderful and took all the stress out of the process. Thank you for everything!”

OmidRSMS applicant

“I just wanted to say how thrilled I am that I have my spouse visa and all thanks to Seek Visa and the hard work from Voya. At all times you kept in touch with me, answering my many questions. You have been brilliant and thankfully the whole process only took four months, so a speedy service too. Thanks again.”

Gonçalo PereiraProspective Marriage Visa

We would like to thanks you for the great job you did! Especially for your quick replies to all our emails, probably sometimes nerve wrecking!! I guess without your help we wouldn´t have had the persistence to keep going throughout the application process. It was worth any dollar to take you on and I will recommend you to anyone who also wants to take the step.

Danilo Sava457 Visa applicant

Mr Simon provided me with an exceptional service with my successful application for permanent residence in Australia. They were very through ensuring that all the “i’s” were dotted and all the “t’s” crossed. This attention to details meant I didn’t have to do an interview!! Support was only a day away via email! I would highly recommend their services to any prospective immigrant!

Ms Kymani

Friendly and very well organized professionals provided me with great help of getting my immigration visa.

Mr Abigail

We are very pleased with the service that we received from Voya and Seekvisa in assisting us in our Skilled Worker permanent resident application to Australia. They gave us prompt e-mail responses to all questions we had along the way. They are very professionals. We reach our goal in less time without problems. VERY HAPPY. We would certainly recommend their services to anybody.


The service and support was perfect, professional and swift. Though it was a lengthy process for me , the quality of the service and true commitment of this expert team made it easier and more relaxed . Thank you for all you’ve done. I do eagerly recommend this unique professional team to anyone who thinks of immigrating to Australia.

Ms Nguyễn

I am really happy that I made an agreement with Mr.Voya and Seekvisa. They really helped me a lot. I am impressed by the service which is very fast and efficient. Also, I appreciate responsibility and high professionalism of all these people. Therefore, I recommend their service to all who would like to immigrate to Australia without hesitation. Thank you very much for your support.

Ms Nermin

Our immigration application was successful! The Seekvisa team provided all of the help needed for us to successfully immigrate to Australia. Their prompt and courteous advise, ensured that all of the requirements for the process were timely and accurately fulfilled. Needless to say, we were really fortunate for having chosen Seekvisa group to handle our case. We currently live in Melbourne and our dreams of living in Australia have come true! Thank you Seekvisa team!

Miguel Ángel

Dear Mr. Simon, Couple of days ago we have received your email with our Australian visas and the documentation necessary for entering the country. We would like to thank you for you excellent work on our behalf. We would not hesitate to recommend your firm to anybody who is interested in immigration to Australia. Best regards, Jane & Alejandro

Jane & Alejandro

I can indeed testify I have enjoyed highly professional, quality, effective and successful assistance and support from Seekvisa right from the start through to the successful conclusion of my Australian Immigration application process. Throughout my application process, the firm and its staff have always provided me with timely guidance and support, making me feel positive and confident throughout.


I would like to thank theSeekvisa team for their efficient work. The process was very smooth and quick. It can now sponsor my family to come to Australia and am very happy. I will definitely use Seekvisa for sponsoring my parents and future visa applications.


All the services that I received from SEEKVISA regarding my immigration application were truly meticulous, professional and helpful. As an applicant, I`m completely satisfied and strongly suggest SEEKVISA to any person who has the plan to immigrate to Canada.


First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Simon and his staff for their serious work and honesty during all the process. We got our immigrant visa this week and we are now getting ready for our new life! I wanted to drop you a quick note of Thank you so much for your great help and support during our immigration process to Australia. We appreciate the time, consideration, professionalism, courtesy, and interest you extended to us. The level of professionalism from your assistance has been exceptional. Thank you very much for all you and your valuable staff had done for us.


To my opinion, SeekVisa is a highly professional as well as a reliable legal firm. They always provide a prompt and accurate advice during my application. I have no hesitation to recommend SeekVisa to other people. I hope that they will have a continue success in the near future.

João Lucas

Wonderful service from this firm. It is the second time I have retained SeekVisa for visa issues and each time the service was expedient, clear, efficient and successful. I highly recommend this firm. You can trust their advice and the follow through of their actions.


Thank you Mr. Simon for helping us through this process. We are happy to say that my wife has successfully gained Permanent Residence status here in Australia. It was very easy to work with your office, typically replying to my emails the same day or early the following day. Answering all of our questions with simplified answers to help us understand what exactly we needed to do in our paperwork. The help you provided when you re-did all of our paperwork in the proper way was excellent. The fact that you mailed our application out in early January and we were able to be done with the process in mid May was unbelievable. To my understanding, the application was processed quickly because all of the paperwork was in perfect order. Many of my friends who did their applications on their own had multiple requests for additional documentation or had their entire application refused because they did not submit their documents quick enough after the DIBP requested them. Thank you again for helping my wife and I start this life in Australia together. We could not thank you enough or ever repay you for your support. When it comes to family, money is not something to worry about. It is time and the precious moments together you have. I advise anyone looking for advice and help to get their loved one to Australia to use SeekVisa. Thank you again!


Seekvisa did a fantastic job with our family sponsorship application. They made the process smooth and easy for both my husband and I.


My husband and I retained the services of Seekvisa and were very satisfied with the service. I am Australian and I sponsored my Finnish husband to come to Australia. We were warned that the permanent resident process would be a minimum of 8 months on the DIBP website, but we were extremely happy to get confirmation of the PR in only 3 months. SeekVisa were responsive to our emails within reasonable time and gave us good recommendations for our file. Our family is looking forward to starting our life together in Australia.


Well I don’t know where to start thanking the company of SeekVisa for the kind assistance they have given to me in securing my permanent resident visa to Australia.  I and my family really appreciate it and say, “Many thanks and God bless!!!”


After a period of only six months, which I consider a record time, I was granted my Permanent Residence Status in Australia for the Skilled worker 189 Visa. I am so thankful with the service offered by Seekvisa: from day one I received a clear assessment of my situation and the appropriate guidance on how to proceed in my case. All the information required to complete the application was properly handed by them, and all inquiries were responded in detailed and timely manner. The fees for their services were concisely explained also, and believe me, there were no sad “surprises” down the road. SeekVisa are the professional immigration lawyers that have the experience and capability to get the job done. I highly recommend them!!

Cindy Chan

While preparing permanent resident status for my husband, I am very happy to say that we received first class representation through SeekVisa.  They were so patient & understanding when we asked questions & took the time to respond asap with detailed explanations.  I would highly recommend their services to others.


I was highly surprised at SeekVisa because I dealt with a human I didn’t set my eye upon or spoke with. This is kind of amazing and their services are excellently perfect. All you need to do is follow the instructions given and all will come out well in good shape. I will always refer for SeekVisa. Best regards.


Employing the services of SeekVisa has been efficient, friendly, exacting. Every step of the way was fully explained and done in a clear and precise manner and easy to follow it would have been daunting without their help and guidance. They were very timely and although it is a long wait from the Australian Government side we cannot explain the excitement and happiness when my husband’s Visa was issued. We would strongly recommend using SeekVisa for your immigration.


The service I received from SeekVisa can be described as nothing short of professional and exceeding expectations. From the onset, they’d give you so much information that you won’t even need to ask for any other. If you meticulously follow their guide and instructions to the letter, then be rest assured that the chances of success are high. Knowing the immigration was a big decision, it took me quite a while to engage their services. Once I did, I never looked back. I was diligent in doing all they requested, and I asked questions when I wasn’t sure of certain things (some of which they pointed out earlier but I did not recall to take note), to which I received timely responses.


SEEKVISA has been very helpful in the successful application of my 190 Visa application. Mr Voya has answered all my queries on time and I would definitely recommend their services to any one who’s looking to immigrate to Australia.


Services goes beyond paying agreeable fees. It’s about value for money. You rendered your service in such a way that I must recommend you to friends and acquaintances. Your excellent skill in immigration services is top notch and that you have displayed in helping me to actualize my Australian dream. Just keep it up.

Postica Alexandra

Very professional, friendly and patient staff and drive to ensure the process is followed successfully to the end. Great job guys!


SeekVisa’s assistance and guidance throughout our case was highly appreciated. They are competent enough to deal with immigration cases with their experience, vast knowledge and their interest in every single case to make every potential case a success. I highly recommend Seekvisa’s services.


Excellent services, the accuracy in time, quick response, different solutions, the secretariat in financial matters, ease in handling, are present along the days of the year


Very efficient and accurate information was provided during the immigration process. Communication was on point and effective regarding the various changes to the process by DIBP. I could not have wished for a better stress free support. Thanks to your firm for making this happen.


After researching for over a month, we decided to hire SeekVisa as our immigration agent. The whole experience was great, as they dealt with every detail from the beginning. They replied to all our questions within one day, and were very diligent. I have personally recommended their services to 2 colleagues, and they have also succeeded in their applications as Engineers for the 189 visa.

Mohammed Saadi

Thanks Voja and SeekVisa. The service is very professional. Responses to enquiries are always fast and helpful. They will not leave any grey area on the application unresolved. I can recommend them to anyone to engage and retain their services.


Words are not enough to thank SeekVisa for all the exceptional work.  In 2010, we contacted them for the first time and they helped us get, in just a few weeks, the Visitor Visa.  Today, less than five years later, after yet again receiving proper advice and guidance from Voja and Simon, we have become Australian citizens.


I really appreciate the excellent service extended by you with regard to my Business Visitor application and then my 188 Business and Innovation applilcation. Without your direction and support I may not have received my PR within such a short period of time.  I highly recommend your service to any prospective client.


Dear Simon,

Thank You so much for your hard work to get the visa.

Everyone is very grateful to the job you have done for us.

Kindest Regards,


Hi Voya,

This is to confirm on the receipt of the documents and my gratitude to you and SeekVisa. No words could express my happiness at this moment.

Best wishes,


Thank you so much Simon and Voja for the support and all your effort!! This is great, life-changing news, and I am surprised how fast it all went.

Thank you so much. I hope you have a wonderful day.


& more….

From the start helping me to chose which visa would best be suited for my circumstances, through to processing my application,  Seek Visa have been helpful all the way through the process. They made the steps very clear, gave information on everything I needed to know, and realistic timescales ect. They made the process stress free, and I now have an independent visa and planning my move.

An all round excellent service I would recommend.

Yoan Adorno457 visa applicant

We knew our case would be complicated as we needed a skills assessment from engineers Australia, so we looked for a migration agent and after reading numerous reviews settled on Seek Visa .
Right from the very beginning they have been professional , helpful , contactable , friendly and positive !
They have gently pushed us along in the right direction , buoying us when we became a little disillusioned (skills assessment took ages for us) .
They have patiently answered all our weird and wonderful questions .
So a big thank you to all at the visa bureau with all your help achieving a 189 visa !
Special thanks go to Laura Dummsy !
The Tunn family .

Anna Tunn189 Permanent Visa

A very Big Thank you to Seek Visa and each person that helped us to obtain visas for Australia. They have been incredibly helpful throughout the whole process.

A special mention to Voya,  who was always there for us and answered all the questions we had. As a result of his hard work we obtained our visa in a very short space of time. Due to rule changes we had to change our visa, Voya explained our options in detail.

The whole team have been very professional from start to finish. Without a doubt I would recommend Seek Visa to anyone.

Thank you


Prince SinghContributory Parent visa

Excellent service, always available to discuss visa application via phone or email.

I was quite anxious at first with the company being based in Melbourne and we were in the UK, however everything was extremely smooth and no reason to see somebody face to face, everything was completed via email or post.

I would strongly recommend this company for anybody looking for a hassle free visa.

Thanks very much to all the team.

Xiu Xian

Xiu XianStudent and 190 Visa